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Welcome To Virtuous - #1

Welcome To Virtuous

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Virtuous Living Designs, where faith intertwines with beautifully crafted stationery. I'm Izzy, the visionary behind this boutique, a Christian wife, and mother of two, driven by a deep love for exquisite stationery. Virtuous Living Designs was born out of my personal struggle to find stationery that not only catered to my love for elegant designs but also resonated with my Christian values. The quest for stationery that mirrored my faith journey became the foundation of this venture, believing that your stationery should be a canvas of your beliefs, a source of inspiration, and a companion on your spiritual path. Our Core Values: Faith, Virtue, Service At Virtuous Living Designs, we are anchored in three core values — Faith, Virtue, and Service. Faith: Our designs are infused with a deep reverence for the Christian faith. Our stationery reflects these virtues, embodying the beauty of a life lived with purpose. Service: Beyond beautiful products, we are committed to serving you with excellence. Your satisfaction and spiritual growth are at the heart of our service commitment. Virtuous Living Designs caters to a diverse community — young professionals seeking tools for spiritual growth, mothers juggling the demands of family and faith, and individuals who simply adore beautiful stationery. Our creations are designed to resonate with those who are looking to grow in their faith while appreciating the elegance of well-crafted stationery. Whether you are a student striving for spiritual balance, a mother seeking tools for growth, or simply someone who appreciates the allure of beautiful stationery, Virtuous Living Designs is your haven. Let's embark on this shared journey — where your stationery becomes a testament to your faith, and each creation is a celebration of virtuous living. Welcome to Virtuous Living Designs, where every creation is an ode to faith and a testament to the virtues that define our lives.
Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with Our Prayer Journal

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with Our Prayer Journal

Take your Prayer Journal beyond the pews. It's not just for church; it's a versatile companion for your daily spiritual practices. Whether its jotting down inspirational quotes, or documenting personal revelations, our journal is designed to be a multifaceted asset on your spiritual journey.

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Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand by the quality of our products. If there is an issue or concern with a product you received , Please contact us so that we may address your concern. Rest easy knowing your transactions are secure, and we're committed to making every purchase with us a positive experience.
Experience the convenience of swift and reliable shipping when you choose Virtuous Living Design. We've partnered with trusted shipping companies to ensure your orders are dispatched promptly and arrive securely. At Virtuous Living Design, we understand the importance of a seamless delivery experience, and we're dedicated to making it exceptional for you.
From the moment I opened the journal, I was captivated by its elegant design and thoughtful layout. Each page provided a sanctuary for my thoughts, prayers, and reflections. The prompts gently guided me, allowing me to delve deeper into my spiritual journey.
Seraphina Langley,
This cup is amazing! I tested the cup to see if it hold ice and warm liquid and to my surprise, my ICE was in the cup through three rounds of water for 24 hours. I love this cup and will definitely buy other color as they become available.
Honestly, I was skeptical about digital key chains, but Virtuous Living Design proved me wrong. The designs are so charming; they add character to my digital identity. It's like having a friendly companion in the virtual world. Highly recommended!
Vivienne Montgomery, San Francisco
My heart skipped a beat when I received my journal from Virtuous Living Design. The quality is beyond words. It's not just a journal; it's an inspiration during my quiet time.
I love the beautiful design on my keychain. It is very strong and holds all of my work keys and badges. Wish it came in a smaller size for small wrists.
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Visit us again

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